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Providing products and solutions for the oil drilling industry.


The oil drilling industry is tasked with the search for crude oil and natural gas through conventional vertical drilling methods or horizontal /slant drilling alternatives.  Rainbow Chemicals Inc. has been providing products and solutions to aid drilling for the domestic petroleum industry for over a decade.   Slik-Dril® Plus and Opti-Drill® Plus, the first products to be offered by Rainbow Chemicals Inc. in 1997, developed a reputation for enhancing drilling mud lubrication by reducing the coefficient of friction and reducing the pullout force needed for freeing a stuck pipe.  We have since expanded our product offering to provide our customers a full line of specialty drilling fluid additives.

Our product line includes:

   Shale Inhibitors
   Clay Hydration Suppressants
   Filtrate Control Additives
   Polymeric Filtrate Control Products
   High Temperature Additives

   H2S  Scavengers
   Oxygen Scavengers
   Rheology Modifiers
   Thinners and Dispersants
   Loss Circulation Material
   Corrosion Inhibitors
   Scale Inhibitors
   Wetting Agents
   Other Specialty Products


Rainbow Chemicals Inc. has been providing oil drilling products and solutions to the domestic retail petroleum industry for over 10 years.

The success of two of the drilling products Slik-Dril® Plus and Opti-Drill® Plus mark only the beginning for Rainbow Chemicals Inc. in its new era.  The company is positioned for growth while continuing to offer the same quality of outstanding service and flexibility our valued customers have come to expect.  Rainbow Chemicals Inc. is committed to continuously improving our activities and strives to be not only a leading provider of drilling products but also a supplier of additives for other aspects of the oilfield.

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